About Associated Life Brokerage, Inc.

Associated Life Brokerage, Inc. is a full service General Agency located in Bedminster, NJ handling your Life Insurance, Annuity, Long Term Care and Disability Income needs. We provide independent insurance agents with a comprehensive platform that includes, Advanced Market Support, Expert Case Consultation, Premier Underwriting Services and a Fully Dedicated Case Management Team. With over 100 years of collective experience in advanced case design and underwriting, we are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to significantly increase your revenue. Call us today to see how ALB can be the business partner you’ve been looking for.

Advanced Market Support

For your more sophisticated clients, our Advanced Market Support team can assist you with the pre-sale support you need to prepare your presentations. We have a Virtual Library of Advanced Sales Concepts that can be integrated into point-of-sale material. In addition, we have in-house experts as well as an outsourced team of sales professionals ready to assist you with any sales scenario. Here is a brief list of some of the topics:

· Executive Bonus §162
· Split Dollar
· Premium Financing
· Supplemental Retirement Planning
· Estate Equalization
· Key Employee
· Special Needs Trusts
· Concentrated Stock Position
· Enhanced Charitable Trust


Premier Underwriting Services

Associated Life Brokerage (ALB) is widely respected and known in the brokerage community for our expertise in Case Packaging and, Expert Underwriting capabilities. When carriers receive a submission from us, they are confident that the information they are seeing is being presented in the most complete and professional manner. This enables us to receive better offers from carriers than our competitors.

Our on-staff underwriting team works diligently to get you the offers you need to place your business.

Dedicated Case Management Team

We are staffed with an experienced case management team that will process your business quickly and efficiently. They will scrub all applications, order all necessary requirements and work as your advocate to process your business. We understand what it takes to get the job done and know that you need to be focusing on sales and not being the administrator of your own applications.

We have developed tools such as New Business Case Submission Checklists and On-Line licensing capabilities to considerably speed up the cycle times of your business. The faster we get the cases done, the quicker you get paid.

Expert Case Consultation

With countless years of sales experience, we work with you on a consultative basis to best assist you in enhancing your revenue stream. Some of the largest sales we have made with our brokers have come from brainstorming conversations that lead to different ideas on how to approach clients and present the case.

We have the experience and so do you. Putting those two together, makes for a great partnership.